Complete Guide on Printer Spooler Keep Stopping Issue 

As I try to print I got an error message “The print spooler service is not working”. And then I’m going to start it, the print spooler service crashes Windows 7 automatically, it doesn’t stay on, it started successfully, and then I send a print command to print it again gives me the same message back.


Solved Answer


This website blog will show you how to solve this problem of “print spooler keeps stopping automatically. There are many reasons for it. The main reason is the conflicting driver (Please update the printer drivers). Still, we explained everything in this post. Do follow the steps below to get rid of this problem “Print Spooler Stops Automatically.” Whether you correctly followed all of the above steps, I’m sure the problem can no longer continue. Print spooler service will stop automatically; print spooler service will stop automatically, the spooler will stop, print spooler will stop suddenly, print spooler will not be able to install the printer.




  1. Open Services page


(For Windows XP) tab to Start, then click RUN, then type Services. mucin RUN box, then click Enter


(For Windows 7, 8, Vista) Click Start, then click Services.msc in the Search box, then click Enter.


  1. Find a service called “Print Spooler,” then double-click it.


  1. See the “Stop” button, Stop the Service for


  1. Go to “Tab of Recovery”


  1. (Important Step) Change’ First Failure’ &’ Second Failure ‘ Value under’ Recovery Tab ‘


Change the’ First Failure ‘ value to’ Restart-Service.


‘ Change the’ Second Failure ‘ value to’ Restart-Service ‘ value.


  1. Make sure that the RPC Service is the “print spooler.”


  1. dependencies. Then leave it to complete the next phase


  1. Delete all print work from this path “c:\windows\system32\spool\PRINTERS” Remove all files from c:\windows\system32\spool\PRINTERS


  1. Under this direction (make it clean). Start the Spooler Service print now.

Come back to the setup page “Print Spooler” and press the “Enter” button.


Restart your computer


If the problem persists then these more Additional Intermediate


  1. Must be attempted (Important Step) Run command “SFC / scan now” in command prompt (with Administrative Right)


  1. (Important Step) Run another command “chkdsk / f / r” in command prompt (with Administrative Right)


  1. (Important Step) Remove from your computer all unwanted printers.


  1. (Important Step) Make sure that all printers have the right drivers “there is no conflicting driver” (Please reinstall printer drivers again)


Restart your computer


If you correctly followed all of the above steps, I’m sure the problem can no longer continue.


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I went to spool folder to delete print queue. Still, if stuck print job not only doesn’t print to the printer, and why write a message come and go the spooler keeps stopping. Later, when you join the question of why print spooler saves staying still can’t print spooler service keeps stopping. Especially in Windows XP, I get a message Local computer error 5: access denied printer, but spooler stops automatically then, i.e. I tried to turn it on. Still, spooler service ended print spooler Local Printer spooler starts going to services then click Start and then stop a few seconds later print spooler won’t stay on We can start, stop or restart print spooler service by prompt command please tell me something more to solve this issue.


I tried to print from printer diagnostic Print here is the same problem Spooler Starts and Stops will not just stop for any excuse, I suggest you, please remove your all printer then you can get rid of print spooler keeps stopping crashes problem.MSC then you can solve that problem, Print spooler starts and stops automatically because of print spots. I had the same problem with the Printer Spooler Service Terminated Unexpectedly I tried to stop and resume the service, but the problem is that the printer spooler service is still not running/stopped.

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