Children and Spy Cameras

Here’s a dichotomy when it comes to spy cameras: if you’re like most concerned parents, then you may want to purchase a nanny cam so that you can keep a close watch on your kids while you’re away. Of course, you want to grant them their independence and provide them with the faith in knowing that they can behave in a responsible way when left alone. At the same time, though, you still want that extra reassurance that everything is indeed alright and that they aren’t getting into too much trouble when you’re not there. So, buying and installing a hidden spy nanny cam seems like a logical thing to do.

However, here’s the part in which “Murphy’s Law” comes into effect: because children are naturally curious and inquisitive, they are probably more likely to find a well hidden micro spy nanny cam than anyone else in the house. Think about it: a tiny, pinhole sized camera which can be carefully hidden inside a potted plant, wall clock or desktop pen holder will inevitably be discovered by the people who you want to monitor in your absence – your children!

Now, there are smart and honest ways to introduce your children and kids to the idea of having a spy cam working inside the home. You should first clarify the difference between spying on your children and ensuring that their kept Lawmate USA safe: one objective is intrusive (spying) and the other objective is defensive (safety). Your kids want to feel safe – all children inevitably do. On the other hand, though, your kids demand and deserve a certain amount of privacy. It’s up to you as responsible parents to migrate that line without crossing over on either side of it.

There are other ways to properly teach your children about why there’s a spy camera inside the home. Here are four tips and tricks that you can use when discussing nanny camera products with your kids:

1 – Don’t Lie

Children aren’t dumb, and they’re a lot more perceptive than you realize. Therefore, it just makes perfect sense to be completely honest with them about the reason that there is a spy cam in the house. Let them know that your intentions are for them to feel and be safe all the time – even when you’re not there. Older children may not appreciate this fact, but younger kids may end up going out of their way to ensure that they behave in a safe, responsible manner.

2 – Put The Spy Camera Where It Makes Sense

Never place a wireless spy nanny cam in locations that feature little privacy. And don’t place a nanny camera in locations where your kids won’t be comfortable (like a bathroom). You should place a spy camera in locations where your kids congregate and socialize when you’re away. Rooms such as the living room, playroom or even focusing on your backyard are perfect locations to use a nanny camera. And never, ever place a spy cam in your children’s bedroom without consulting them first.

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