Chair Lift For Stairs – Used Stair Lifts Key Buying Concerns

So you are trapped at being handicapped by immobility either due to age ailments, or accident, and desperately hope to be set free from it. You are probably actively seeking for options to liberate you from immobility, confining you within your own home. Chair lift for stairs is an option comparatively much cheaper than the less popular home lift which entails extensive and expensive restructuring of the home layout. Yet, if chair lift for stairs is still too expensive for your budget, you have a final recourse, which is, to buy used stair lifts. Note though, that there are key differences between reconditioned harga homelift units and used ones.

These can easily found on the internet marketplaces, or from your local newspaper adverts. The cost savings could be substantial, ranging from several hundreds to thousands of dollars depending on the configuration, model, type and age of your chosen one. When choosing a used unit, you need to bear the following considerations in mind.

Amongst the primal concerns is the guarantee or warranty. There is of course no concern if you are buying a new unit, but if you are purchasing a used unit you would need to find out the existing age of the unit, and the outstanding period of warranty to expiry. It should preferably be more than half the number of years to ensure that you get sufficient coverage for parts and service warranty. Since mechanisms pose more problems as they age, you can expect that used stair lifts require more repairs and maintenance than new units. Hence, this is one key concern you must overcome or come to terms with if you intend to purchase used stair lifts.

One other consideration is finding the right unit, especially when you have customize made curved stairways, broken into a few flights of stairs. The uniquely specific customization and specs required to fit the railings along the many curves of the stairways may pose as great challenge as finding a similarly fitted unit is almost impossible.

Before you decide on used stair lifts, try to do extensive research and talk to the sales agents at the dealership and understand the configurations unique to the specifics of your stairways. A chair lift for stairs is after all, still an important investment and an enhancement to your home.

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